Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kids iPad ❤

Terbaharu di pasaran !!
Jadilah antara org pertama yg memiliki, order sekarang sblm closing date!
Anak2 pasti suke ❤❤

RM 38 (WM) / RM 40 (EM)
Batch 1 : Pre-order 29/1/2012 ~ 31/1/2012 @ 6pm
E.t.a End February 2012

Batch 2 : Pre-order 1/2/2012 ~ 7/2/2012 @ 6pm
E.t.a Early / Mid March 2012

Pink & Blue



Description: Adjustable size sound with light.

LETTER MODE mode :1-10 notes issued by a single sound, AZ issued a letter pronunciation, issued last six keys corresponding English pronunciation.

WORD MODE mode :1-10 issued a number of English pronunciation, AZ issued corresponding word in English pronunciation, the last six keys to issue the corresponding sound.

SPELL MODE mode :1-10 issued 10 music, now issued by the corresponding English word spelling and pronunciation.

ASKING MODE Mode: English words in which a question?

DEMO mode: given two English songs.
This product uses 3 AA batteries

Ini adalah education purpose shj, jgn compare dgn ipad sebenar yg berharga ribu2 tu yer.. Bagus utk kanak2 :)

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